Sleep companies unite: SleepScore Labs acquires

By Laura Lovett

Yesterday, contactless sleep tracker maker SleepScore Labs announced that it has acquired Dutch company, which makes snore and bruxism-detecting wearables and apps, for an undisclosed sum. 

"We are only at the beginning of what we can do to help improve people's lives by diagnosing and improving their sleep health, helping them get better treatment and outcomes,” Michiel Allessie, founder and CEO of, said in a statement. "With the knowledge and the drive of the team at SleepScore Labs, along with the available technology, I believe we can really change the landscape of sleep in the coming years and help people significantly improve their sleep health.”

The Dutch company, which was founded in 2014, specializes in wearables and apps that let users know if they are snoring. One of its products includes a wearable band can be worn on the users arm that vibrates whenever the user rolls on their back and starts to snore. The band also connects to the users phone.

The company claims that 70 percent of people only snore when they sleep on their back and moving to your side creates more airways. 

It also has an app to track if users are grinding their teeth. The apps are able to give the users reports about their teeth grinding, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea. The apps use an algorithm that is able to distinguish between snoring and teeth grinding sounds even if more than one person is sleeping in the room. The apps are also designed to identify factors that can influence snoring and teeth grinding like alcohol use, smoking, or medication. 

In November SleepScore Labs rolled out their bedside sleep monitor, called SleepScore Max, which is designed to measure a number of different sleep-affecting variables including respiration, body movement, duration, and environmental qualities like temperature and light. The device is built on ResMed’s proprietary technology. The company was founded in 2016 and is a joint venture between Dr. Oz Media, ResMed, and Pegasus Capital Advisors. 

"Michiel and his team have made incredible strides improving sleep health for many customers who didn't even know they were suffering from snoring or bruxism," Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs, said in a statement. "We're excited to welcome both to the SleepScore Labs family and to expand our suite of life-changing sleep products.”

Currently SleepScore’s most direct competitor is Beddit, which makes a sleep monitoring device that also connects with an app and is placed under the user’s sheets. That company was acquired by Apple last May.