Surgery-ready spinal implant system offers delivery-tracking mobile app

By Dave Muoio
12:25 pm

San Diego-based Xenco Medical, a provider of disposable, sterile-packaged spinal implant systems, is releasing an app that will allow medical teams to easily request and track new shipments of the company’s products on demand.

“Though each hour is critical, healthcare providers eager to operate on [traumatic injury] patients often wait for more than five hours because of the internal logistics of their hospital,” Jason Haider, CEO and founder of Xenco Medical, told MobiHealthNews in an email. “The TraumaGPS delivery app was developed by Xenco Medical to work in concert with our pre-sterilized, single-use implant systems. Because of this, an emergency request allows the healthcare provider to know precisely when the implant systems will arrive at the hospital, which allows the hospital to prepare the patient for surgery.”

Once delivery orders of the implant products made through the TraumaGPS Android app are verified by Xenco’s sales representatives, a driver receives navigation instructions for the hospital of the person requesting the delivery, usually a surgeon. Meanwhile, the requestor is able to watch the driver’s movements, allowing them to better predict the time of the emergency delivery and streamline the procedure.

The disposable implant system is made from a highly reinforced composite polymer, and designed to be both lightweight and easy to transport, according to the company. Haider added that the app’s tracking functionality “amplifies the impact” of Xenco’s single-use product, especially when considering the company’s vision of an on-demand, surgery-ready platform.

“With the single-use, composite polymer instrument and implants locked together in the sterile package, the systems are designed for traceability. Making use of this traceability,  the app enables health care providers to know the precise location of the delivery and allows the hospital to prepare the patient beforehand without the uncertainty of sterilization times at the hospital,” he wrote. “The transparency afforded by the app and Xenco Medical’s surgery-ready systems boosts hospital efficiency and further strengthens the argument for an implant platform free from the logistics associated with the autoclave process.” 

For now, the TraumaGPS app is available only to a group of 65 contracted hospitals across the US, according to the company.


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