Susan Morse

Physician and toddler
By  Susan Morse 11:55 am November 22, 2019
Humana's revenue is projected to increase on 17% rise in MA membership and premium increases, but return of HIF reduced workforce by 2%.
Woman on cell phone.
By  Susan Morse 12:32 pm November 20, 2019
The web and mobile delivery technology provides self-directed information to help individuals with stress, depression, social anxiety, and insomnia.
Mark Bertolini
By  Susan Morse 12:35 pm November 13, 2019
"What's needed is to start with the patient, and the patient as a consumer, and add in the relevance of issues outside of a medical conditions."
By  Susan Morse 08:00 am September 20, 2018
CMS has made it clear that it wants health systems to share the risk of cost and outcomes.
Cigna Headquarters
By  Susan Morse 09:27 am September 13, 2018
Cigna has launched corporate venture fund Cigna Ventures with $250 million in capital to invest in early and growth stage startups, the company announced today. The investments will go to emerging companies that are driving innovation in healthcare through the strategic areas of insights and analytics, digital health and retail, and care delivery and management.  Cigna Ventures is a wholly-owned...
collage of amazon, CVS, aetna, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan logos
By  Susan Morse 09:57 am September 6, 2018
There’s little doubt that new innovations will disrupt healthcare operations and the revenue cycle as well as care delivery. The bigger question is whether those will be technological in nature, new business models or a combination of both? While hospitals and health insurers await that answer, many executives and experts are closely watching two partnerships unfold: CVS Health’s proposed merger...
Health 2.0 2017.
By  Susan Morse 01:13 pm August 21, 2018
Insurers have historically looked at claims data to determine a member's health needs. Technology has made that rear-view mirror approach no longer good enough, according to Jonna Kurucz, vice president of sales for Anthem. Instead of looking back, Anthem has employed a digital solutions platform that allows the insurer to get healthcare information that's not yet in the patient record. For...
Google Headquarters.
By  Susan Morse 10:59 am August 15, 2018
Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is investing $375 million in Oscar Health, the technology-driven health insurer cofounded by Mario Schlosser and Joshua Kushner, brother of White House advisor Jared Kushner. The funds will help move the New York City-based insurer into its next phase of expansion, entering the Medicare Advantage market. "Today, we are announcing Alphabet's plans to invest...
Health tracking microchip.
By  Susan Morse 10:54 am August 15, 2018
Apple is looking to hire engineers to develop a custom chip for more sophisticated health information tracking and applications, according to a CNBC report. CNBC said it got the information from a job posting from Apple's Health Sensing hardware team. The July 10 job summary is for sensor ASIC architects to design, develop and launch next generation sensor technologies to enable interaction with...