UnitedHealthcare ACO partnership gives Aledade a major boost

By Mike Miliard

Aledade is joining forces with UnitedHealthcare, marking its first accountable care program for Medicare Advantage plan members – more than 15,000 of whom could participate in the new initiative.

Aledade – which was founded three years ago this month by former National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari, MD – will work with UnitedHealthcare in Arkansas to put technology and clinical best practices to work enhancing care coordination and promoting more team-based patient care.

"With this partnership, our Arkansas accountable care program now offers the benefits of Aledade’s model of care whether patients are covered by Medicaid, traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage,” Mostashari said in a statement.

The partnership will work to improve data sharing among the providers visited by patients, especially those with complex or chronic illnesses.
Aledade and UnitedHealthcare will harness technology to enable care management across physicians' patient populations, working together to identify missed opportunities (medication nonadherence), encourage interventions (preventative cancer screenings) and pinpoint other actionable data that can identify high-risk patients and help reduce emergency department visits and hospital readmissions.

More than 15 million people currently enrolled in UnitedHealthcare plans across the country have access to accountable care, delivered through more than 800 arrangements nationwide as the health plan engages in more substantive relationships with physicians and hospitals.
"By working more collaboratively with local care providers and creating a more connected healthcare experience, we can help improve patient care and enhance people’s ability to live healthier lives," said Gregg Kunemund, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement in Arkansas.