UnitedHealthcare, Dexcom to launch CGM pilot for Medicare Advantage members

By Jonah Comstock
01:31 pm

UnitedHealthcare and Dexcom announced today at CES in Las Vegas that they will collaborate on a pilot program to provide Dexcom CGMs to UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan participants.

“With more than 27 million people nationwide living with Type 2 diabetes there is urgent need to address this epidemic in new ways,” Brian Thompson, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Medicare and retirement, said in a statement. “Continuous glucose monitoring can be a game changer for people enrolled in our Medicare Advantage plans, as the data can be translated into personalized information that can be acted upon in real time.”

Participants in the program will be given both a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor and a Fitbit device, as well as a personalized coaching app that will help them to understand their readings and adjust their behavior accordingly.

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“Dexcom is thrilled to work with UnitedHealthcare to bring this program to people living with diabetes,” Steve Pacelli, Dexcom’s executive vice president of strategy and corporate development, said in a statement. “The insights that CGM and this program provide can drive significant value to both patients and care providers in helping to better manage diabetes.”

UnitedHealthcare has used mobile devices and apps on a population level before. In the insurer's Motion program, free Fitbits and other activity trackers are given to members, who can then earn financial rewards in the form of reimbursement credits for meeting certain wellness goals.


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