Virtual reality workout company VirZoom lands $5.5M in seed funding

By Laura Lovett
12:37 pm

Cambridge, MA-based virtual reality workout startup VirZOOM just closed $5.5 million in seed funding, bringing the total funding to $12.2 million. The funding came from multiple investors including Skywood Capital, with personal investments from partners at Eastham Capital, Fairhaven Capital, and Equity Resource Investments, as well as the Greycroft Venture Partner Gaming Tracker Fund. 

Users of the product put on a VR headset while peddling a stationary bike. Customers can then chose an “adventure” to go on while exercising. The virtual games include everything from capturing a bandit in the Wild West to flying next to a pegasus. 

"VirZOOM is skipping past the early adopters to bring VR to mass market customers through cardio exercise motivation,” Jon Goldman, investor and founder of the GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund, said in a statement. “The company is making actual sales, shipping products commercially for a year and a half and forming commercial partnerships with major fitness equipment companies like Life Fitness, who can help VirZOOM scale.”

The company was founded in 2015 and can now integrate with Mobile VR, PlayStation VR, and PC VR headsets. The startup has its own sensor that can convert any stationary bike to a “VirZOOM bike.” The company also has its own bike which has can measure heart rate and offers eight levels of resistance. 

In December, the startup announced that it would be partnering with fitness equipment company Life Fitness, enabling it to expand into the commercial gym market.

In early 2017, the company announced that they would be integrating with Fitbit, allowing each workout to be logged in the app. 

Last year the company expanded into China and created a Mandarin version that works with the PC VR headset. 

The goal of VirZOOM is to get users to excersise for on average 38 minutes per session an average of 3.25 times per week. 

"We welcome our new investors and are pleased to see many previous investors participate as well, some for a fourth addition to their previous investments," cofounder and CEO Eric Janszen said in a statement. "Their continued confidence in our project is greatly appreciated by the team."


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