Visiba Care, maker of practice communication software, brings in $3.8M from new share issue

By Dave Muoio

Gothenburg, Sweden-based Visiba Care announced that it has secured $3.8 million (3.1 million euros) in a new share issue. The funding round was led by Swedish investor Blue, with additional participation from investors Mattias Weinhandl and Lars Svensson alongside existing owners Simon Josefsson and Björn Mattson.

“Over the past year, we have seen a 23 percent month-on-month increase in digital healthcare consultations on the platform,” Johan Gustafsson, CEO and cofounder of Visiba Care, said in a statement. “Our clients are still only in the early stage of digitizing healthcare. Our focus is now on continuing to improve the platform. The latest capital injection is firm evidence that our vision of more accessible and sustainable healthcare with the help of digital solutions is shared by a broad audience of stakeholders.”

Founded in 2014, Visiba develops communication and administration software for healthcare practices. Along with managing appointments and scheduling, the company’s product facilitates better communications with patients via email, text, or video calls. On the patient’s end, the software offers an app or browser-based portal where they can book appointments, chat with staff members, or initiate a video consultation.

According to a statement, the company plans to use its new funding to continue developing the software platform while strengthening its position in Sweden. The capital will also go toward expansion beyond Visiba’s home country with early plans to open offices in Norway and the United Kingdom — both countries in which a representative of Visiba said that the company has already experienced strong growth.

“Visiba Care is an exciting business that has rapidly become a market leader thanks to its unique technical platform enabling both large-scale public as well as smaller-scale private healthcare providers to offer digital medical consultations and thereby provide individualized care for people with existing resources,” Anders Jacobson, CEO and cofounder of Blue, said in a statement. "Visiba Care’s solution is an excellent example of how the power of innovation and strong entrepreneurial commitment can, through a scalable platform, benefit both the company's customers, contribute to a more sustainable society, and improve people’s health and wellbeing.”

Jacobson and Christian Merup, also of Blue, will be joining Visiba’s board of directors, according to a statement.