Vitality Group's new partnerships bring digital wellness services to US employees

By Dave Muoio
04:34 pm

Wellness program technology firm Vitality Group today announced the launch of its Gateway program, a series of partnerships that brings digital chronic care, mental health care, and other wellness offerings to its US corporate membership.

Through the program, employee members will gain access to seven health companies’ offerings: Vida Health, a digital chronic care coaching company; Headspace, a meditation and mental health-focused app; Happify Health, a series of digitally-delivered wellness activities and lifestyle education materials; Zipongo, a nutrition and dieting app; eHealthScreenings, a biometric screening and data specialist; US Preventive Medicine, a population health-focused; and Wellness Corporate Solutions, a provider of various wellness-based services.

“Our clients have always had programs in place along with their core wellness offerings, and recently, many have asked us how to capitalize on their employees’ high Vitality engagement and drive such employee usage of their other programs,” Elizabeth Dunphy, SVP of Client Services at Vitality Group, said in an email. “We see our most valued asset as our ability to positively change behavior, and are now applying the same scientific rigor and incentives proven to improve health with our other partners such as Vida Health. This ensures that our members receive personalized health recommendations and resources specific to their individual needs in a way that meets them where they are, while also providing employers the opportunity to amplify their own benefits and program offerings.”

As part of the Gateway program — which is initially limited to Vitality’s US members — various personalized health resources from the seven partners will be delivered to employees through Vitality’s digital platforms. According to the company, each is supported by behavioral and incentive strategies, which can also be amplified by the providing employer.

Of note, Vitality’s new partners include a broad range of digital wellness and therapeutic companies. Stephanie Tilenius, CEO of Vida Health, said that her company’s partnership with Vitality is another sign that the market is becoming more interested in this new type of healthcare product.

“I think you’re seeing digital therapeutics takeoff — you may have already used one yourself. I’d like to think the next blockbuster drug is in your pocket or your purse,” Tilenius told MobiHealthNews. “Digital therapeutics are exploding onto the market and people are using them to manage everyday conditions … I think Vitality and other solutions are trying to make sure that they are offering best-in-breed products to their employer customers.”

In another statement, Vida Health announced that it would be providing employees using Gateway with personalized digital therapeutic programs, relevant monitoring devices, and one-on-one health coaching targeting a number of health focuses, such as weight loss, diabetes prevention, depression, and stress management.

Speaking on the new program, Tilenius said that her company has already seen evidence of success among Vitality members, and hinted that Vida is looking forward to similar partnerships in the near future.

“We’re really excited about Vitality, and you’ll see other partnerships from us this year as well,” Tilenius said. “We’re really trying to make sure that we’re bundled with all the best-of-breed employer-driven platforms out there … We’re already talking to Vitality customers. We’re seeing great traction, so we’re very excited about the momentum.”

Vitality’s statement also included a selection of other employee wellness-focused initiatives for 2018. These included a software integration with the Apple Watch Series 3, and a mental health-focused program called Vitality HealthyMind.


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