WellDoc adds hypertension, weight management to BlueStar; Standalone hypertension product due this year

By Jonah Comstock

WellDoc has expanded its BlueStar digital diabetes management platform to include a weight loss feature and a feature for those with both diabetes and hypertension. A standalone product for hypertension is also coming from the company later this year.

“The American Diabetes Association reports that nearly one in three American adults has hypertension, and two in three people with diabetes have hypertension or take prescription medications to lower their blood pressure,” WellDoc President and CEO Kevin McRaith said in a statement. “The combination of both conditions more than doubles the risk of stroke and heart attacks and should be treated in tandem. BlueStar is now a one-stop digital health solution to help individuals better manage their chronic diseases to achieve long-term health.”

The FDA-cleared BlueStar diabetes management system analyzes patient data, compares data trends, and sends analytics to the patient’s healthcare team. It also features behavioral coaches, motivational messages, educational content, and tools for population health engagement.

The new features will extend the system's in-the-moment tips to include tips for hypertension and weight management. The updates also make the platform more attractive to payers, employers, and providers taking a population health approach, as it allows them to tackle multiple co-morbid conditions.

“Individuals living with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing hypertension,” Dr. Richard Katz, a scientific advisor to WellDoc, said in a statement. “Together, diabetes and hypertension make up a deadly combination. We are addressing this chronic condition head on with the integration of the new features within BlueStar, which provides timely and real-time feedback.”

A January analysis contracted by WellDoc and conducted by Truven Health Analytics found that BlueStar could lead to an average savings of more than $250 per patient per month.

WellDoc is following a bit of a trend as diabetes management companies add additional features to deal with common comorbidities. Earlier this month Omada added hypertension-related features to its digital diabetes prevention program and Healthy Interactions added new modules to its population health management system related to depression and cardiovascular disease.