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By Change Healthcare 01:57 pm June 12, 2017
Smart, simple healthcare shopping tools improve members trust and increase engagement. Do your tools empower each member in their healthcare journey? Learn how your health shopping platforms and provider directories compare to industry leaders.
By Transcend Insights 09:33 am March 8, 2017
By taking the time to truly analyze population health needs, organizations can choose the right technology partner to confidently drive their population health programs forward to improve care, enhance the patient experience and reduce costs.
By Transcend Insights 10:37 am February 28, 2017
Many healthcare organizations are jumping on the population health bandwagon. However, their journeys could quickly derail if they don’t pay close attention to managing and maintaining data. Clean data is the critical component for ultimate success.
By 3M 10:27 am February 21, 2017
For large integrated health networks, what impact do hierarchical condition categories (HCCs) have under value-based payment models? The short answer: a big one. Learn the seven steps to consistently capture accurate HCC categories for each patient.
By 3M 10:26 am February 21, 2017
How can you succeed under new value-based reimbursement (VBR) models? For starters, healthcare systems must document and code full patient acuity, not just conditions treated during a visit, in order to represent a patient's true health risk.
By 3M 10:24 am February 21, 2017
CMS is moving aggressively to shift healthcare payments towards value-based payment models. How do hierarchical condition categories (HCCs) affect reimbursement for health systems and physicians? What are best practices for accurately capturing HCCs?
By MediKeeper 04:21 pm November 4, 2016
These days employers and health plans face a seemingly endless array of wellness technology solutions. This guide will help you cut through the noise and find a wellness portal vendor that future-proofs your employee wellness program.
By Dell EMC 04:40 pm August 16, 2016
The adoption of value-based care has created great opportunities for mobile technology to improve clinical outcomes. Mobile apps, for example, connect patients with providers, but they also expand the reach of care for patients, especially in the area of telehealth. 
By Validic 12:05 pm August 8, 2016
The healthcare industry is making significant investments in health IT. Specifically, healthcare organizations are looking to software as a service and cloud computing to help address population health management programs. Telehealth is gaining traction as a way to engage patients and also address care outside of the provider's four walls.
By Validic 12:01 pm August 8, 2016
As the industry experiences changes in payment models from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, with providers and payers sharing the financial risk, it's important to make the most of digital technology to improve the physical and financial health of patients and the hospitals that treat them.