By Dave Muoio and Laura Lovett June 5, 2020
The past weeks have seen a wave of health tech companies pledging support to anti-racism protestors, as well as public pressure for clear action steps.

Credit: Livi

By Sophie Porter June 5, 2020
Also - NHS Digital integrates the eConsult digital triaging service into the NHS App. 

Credit: Medbelle

By Tammy Lovell June 5, 2020
Patients can estimate waiting lists for treatment at hospital with the tool from digital hospital Medbelle.
Medical table with circular scanner
By Laura Lovett June 4, 2020
Nanox will be working with funder SK Telcom to bring 2,500 Nanox Systems to South Korea and Vietnam and launch a South Korean subsidiary. 
By Dave Muoio June 4, 2020
The research effort is a collaboration with nonprofit 4YouandMe, and will collect self-reported symptoms and wearables data from 300 high-risk participants.
By Laura Lovett June 4, 2020
Sharecare will now be able to offer MindSciences programs focused on smoking cessation, binge eating and stress. 
By Dave Muoio June 4, 2020
Seeking to cut down an individual's risk of infection, the app encourages frequent washing with appropriate technique.

Credit: Ubie

By Dean Koh June 4, 2020
The startup also released an add-on COVID-19 triage system on its Ubie for Hospital platform in May 2020.

Credit: Fine Hygienic Holding

By Rachel McArthur June 4, 2020
Created in collaboration with the Swiss technology company, the Fine Guard face masks offer “five levels of protection against human coronavirus 229E,” and “holds promise in the fight against COVID 19.”
By Laura Lovett June 3, 2020
Bright Parenting will be integrated into Maven's upcoming pediatrics and parenting program. 

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