Amazon Alexa & Oral-B ink deal for voice-integrated toothbrush system

The system was designed to give users advice about their brushing habits.
By Laura Lovett
01:58 pm

The dental care space is now merging with voice technology in a new partnership between dental giant Oral-B and Amazon Alexa. The pair are collaborating on a voice-integrated toothbrush system that gives users tips on their brushing habits. 

The joint system includes an Oral-B electric toothbrush, an Alexa built-in smart charger base, an Oral-B brush head and a Quick-Start guide. Users can tap into the system to get real-time feedback about brushing, via voice tech, and an analysis of their habits over time through a smartphone app. Besides the health focus, the Amazon built-in can play music, listen to the news and let users order more brush heads.  

“Oral-B Guide works like a fitness tracker for your mouth, coaching while you brush and providing intelligent, real-time feedback on brushing frequency, duration, coverage and optimal pressure,” Carlos De Jesus, P&G senior vice president for oral care, North America, said in a statement.

The system has a $299.99 price tag on it and is only sold on Amazon. 


According to the CDC, the US has spent over $124 billion in dental related costs every year. The agency said that poor oral health is linked to other chronic conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. 

These companies are pitching this system as a way to boost oral health. 


The dental industry is beginning to go digital. In fact, Oral-B announced its Bluetooth-connected electric toothbrush line, the SmartSeries, in 2014. However, the Beam Brush came out even before the Oral-B system, making its debut at CES 2013.

French company Kolibree has also developed a smartphone-connected electric toothbrush. 

Amazon’s voice technology has been used in the healthcare space before. In fact, in November the company released a new feature on Amazon Alexa that lets users link up their pharmacy prescription information and, in turn, get reminders about when to take their pills and order refills. 


“Every time you brush, Oral-B Guide empowers you to brush smarter – and that’s important, as only 20% of people brush properly. The system’s Oral Health Tracker and statistics enable access to insights on your own brushing trends over time to help you better understand whether your technique is best for your mouth. This means fewer surprises at the dentist office,” De Jesus said in a statement. 


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