AIA forms exclusive APAC partnership with Holmusk

A wider range of health coaching tools and solutions will be made available to AIA customers starting from Malaysia with plans to launch in other markets at a later period.
By Dean Koh
02:39 am

AIA, the largest public listed pan-Asian life insurance group announced earlier this month that they are forming an exclusive Asia-Pacific (APAC) partnership with data science and healthcare technology company Holmusk. 

The partnership will enable AIA to digitally deliver a wider range of health coaching tools and solutions to AIA customers, including AIA Vitality members, leveraging Holmusk’s innovative and data-driven approach to health management. The new service will be launched first to AIA customers in Malaysia, with AIA and Holmusk working together to launch in other markets subsequently.


In March, AIA Singapore said that will cover the costs of 50,000 video medical consultations provided by WhiteCoat, a Singapore-based tele-medicine provider for all its HealthShield Gold Max policyholders, MobiHealthNews reported.

Holmusk announced a $21.5 million funding round, led by Optum Ventures (OV) and Health Catalyst Capital (HCC) and included existing investors Heritas Capital and other individuals in May 2020. The company is building the world's largest Real-World Evidence (RWE) platform in behavioral health and chronic diseases to expand data-driven, evidence-based care for people managing behavioral health conditions.


“We will be incorporating Holmusk's nutrition coaching services into AIA Vitality's nutrition, weight management and chronic disease management propositions. By doing so, we will create a unique and personalized health platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence-based engagement tools and digitally enables personalized pathways for our customers, improving access, convenience, and health outcomes,” said Dr Christian Wards, Director of Group Health & Wellness Transformation at AIA Group.

Dr Yau Teng Yan, Holmusk’s Chief Medical Officer, said: “We are excited to bring Holmusk’s personalized, evidence-driven interventions to help transform the lives of AIA customers. Our focus on providing engaging, meaningful behavioral change programs brings AIA’s Manage your health initiatives to life.”


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