AIA launches initiative to promote sleep sufficiency in the APAC region

The company has also created a new sleep content hub which provides extensive information and insights on how to achieve better sleeping habits.
By Dean Koh
02:23 am

Credit: AIA

AIA, the largest public listed pan-Asian life insurance group, yesterday announced in Singapore a new initiative designed to help combat sleep deprivation – a critical health issue in Asia. The initiative has a hashtag called #OneMoreHour, aims to raise awareness about the health benefits associated with getting sufficient sleep.

As part of the initiative, AIA has also introduced updates to its Vitality App to encourage and reward healthier sleeping habits, through a new sleep assessment and sleep-based rewards, as well as sleep tracking tools. The insurance company has also created a new sleep content hub which provides extensive information and insights on how to achieve better sleeping habits.

In preparation for its sleep sufficiency initiative, AIA conducted research in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Key findings include:

  • Over half of people surveyed (55%) said they get just 6 hours or fewer of sleep per night (7 to 9 hours is the optimal amount of sleep for most adults).
  • 69% don’t feel good about how much sleep they get.
  • 62% said they either worry about not getting enough sleep or want more sleep.
  • 30% are not satisfied with their quality of sleep.
  • 62% agreed that getting one more hour of sleep would boost their mood and energy.


Getting sufficient and quality sleep is part of achieving better overall health and wellness, and the benefits are obvious – these include a reduced likelihood of suffering from chronic disease, increased ability to maintain a healthy weight and a stronger immune system. However, it is more of a norm to be sleep deprived given the hectic lifestyle of many working adults. 

Earlier this month, Fitbit shared its sleep insights on Singaporeans based on the anonymised user data they have collected from over 18 countries over a one year period – it was revealed that Singaporeans are the third most sleep deprived after the Japanese and Indians. Not only are tech companies such as Apple and Fitbit are interested in researching in sleep health and investing in sleep monitoring technologies, it seems like insurers themselves like AIA are also closing in to see how to improve the sleeping habits of its customers. 


“AIA is celebrating the physical and mental benefits that getting more sleep can provide. We understand the issues that stand in the way of getting a good night’s sleep and we are committed to helping people across Asia to achieve healthier, longer, better sleep as an important element of their ability to live healthier, longer, better lives,” said Stuart A. Spencer, AIA Group Chief Marketing Officer in a statement. 


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