Clinic to Cloud’s revamped Patient Portal to enhance patient experience

Functions such as pre-registration, booking management and access to test results are now available on the portal.
By Roy Chiang
04:41 am
A compilation of screenshots of Clinic to Cloud's Patient Portal.

(Credit: Clinic to Cloud)

Clinic to Cloud, a Sydney-based clinical and practice management software provider, has revamped its Patient Portal to improve patient experience.  


Patients are now able to perform a variety of functions on the cloud-based system. These include booking appointments; viewing fees, invoices, and approved results from pathology and imaging investigations; and uploading referrals. Patients will receive reminders for their appointments to reduce no-shows, and the back-end infrastructure for the application has also been updated to ensure that patient data remains protected. 


In a highly contagious pandemic, healthcare providers have leveraged digital solutions such as telehealth to reduce in-person consultations. Patient portals help streamline the process as patients can perform administrative functions such as booking appointments and making payments from the comfort of their homes. Patients are also empowered to take charge of their own health.  


Healthcare organisations have been leveraging patient portals to streamline digital solutions for patients. For example, in 2020, digital health company Zesty announced a partnership with the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT) in England’s West Midlands to introduce a patient portal as part of a push for the use of digital.

In a study published by Kidney Medicine, it was found that while many health systems promote patient portals, there are people who may not be receiving intended gains from patient portals, such as those from lower income groups. Work may be needed to ensure that patient portals address the care needs of all patients. 


"The updates to the Patient Portal ensure practitioners can increase patient engagement in a world where more healthcare transactions are occurring online. Doctors and practice staff have experienced a higher administrative burden during the pandemic, and unless we continue to innovate in this space as we have, the burden will continue. In the meantime, patients want a higher level of transparency from online providers," said Rafic Habib, CEO of Clinic to Cloud. 


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