Ping An Good Doctor’s Private Doctor service officially launched

The new service is a step towards a more personalised healthcare experience and greater healthcare data integration.
By Dean Koh
02:55 am

Credit: Ping An Good Doctor

China’s one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform Ping An Good Doctor, officially launched its Private Doctor service last week in China on August 13. On the same day of launch, the company also entered into partnership with 29 companies including China Mobile Internet, BAIC Group, China CITIC Bank, Wyeth Nutrition, China Everbright Bank, Minsheng Life, Pearl River Life and PKU Founder Life. The 29 enterprises operate in industries such as banking, insurance, automobile, communications, and maternity services with a total contractual amount of over RMB300 million.


Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor was first announced in June 2019, as reported earlier on MobiHealth News. By partnering with 1-to-1 private doctors and renowned doctors from national top 100 hospitals, Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor will provide users with such all-round active medical and healthcare service as 24x7 online consultation, second-round consultation with renowned doctors, offline clinical arrangement, health management and chronic disease management.

In addition, Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor has also partnered with third party insurance companies to provide aged people who suffer from disease with high-value assurance, for supporting economically those patients suffering from serious diseases. Ping An Good Doctor has cooperated with nearly 2,000 laboratories and test centers to provide each user with E-health files and year-round tailored health management service to boost one-stop service.

With the official launch of Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor, the industry service standard and user experience will be greatly improved, and it is expected to renovate the current mode of healthcare service, truly realise “user-oriented quality medical resources”, and create an Internet-based healthcare system.


Last month, Ping An Good Doctor reached strategic cooperation with nearly 50 hospitals across China to jointly develop a new “internet hospital” model. This new model can help hospitals resolve such problems as absence in outpatient appointments, overcome geographical constraints, and expand the scope of hospital service. In addition, internet hospitals will also serve as a data integration and sharing platform to facilitate information exchange and real-time sharing among entities, forming a full-fledged, closed-loop system combining online and offline medical services.


“We hope that the private doctor will realise our visions of each family having a family doctor, each person having an E-health file and each of us having a health management plan. As a matter of fact, Ping An Good Doctor - Private Doctor, as an innovation of China's mode of family doctor, is cultivating a doctor-patient relation on the basis of trust, expertise and long-term connection, leading the industry to an era of private doctor, and boosting the creation of China's version of medical innovation,” said Wang Tao, Chairman & CEO of Ping An Good Doctor in a statement.


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