SenseTime gets CE mark for its AI-powered chest diagnostic software

According to the Hong Kong-based startup, the SenseCare-Chest DR Pro can quickly identify normal and abnormal scans from chest x-ray screenings.
By Thiru Gunasegaran
03:34 am

Credit: SenseTime

SenseTime, an artificial intelligence company, has earned a CE mark to market its latest AI-powered diagnostic software that detects abnormalities in chest x-ray readings.


Radiologists face heavy workloads in manually reviewing and analysing large quantities of CXR images daily. Misdiagnosis is also a concern due to the complexity of body parts being screened in CXRs.

According to SenseTime, the SenseCare-Chest DR Pro is able to quickly identify normal and abnormal scans from CXR screenings, raising the efficiency of large-scale physical examinations and regular clinical diagnosis.

SenseTime claims the software can detect and locate abnormalities for multiple diseases, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, cardiomegaly, and rib fractures. The company also asserts that the software can automatically generate precise quantitative analysis and text descriptions.


This CE mark follows another one that the company earned last year for its SenseCare-Lung Pro; SenseTime claims the software can enable faster-automated diagnosis of lung diseases.

The company has raised at least $1.6 billion in five rounds of funding. In 2019, it was among the list of blacklisted firms in the US amid the country’s trade war with China.


"By obtaining the CE mark for both [computed tomography and digital radiography] solutions, we hope to support the work of medical professionals with its comprehensive AI-powered chest diagnostic solutions in more and more markets globally," said Dr Zhang Shaoting, VP and Deputy Head of Research at SenseTime.


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