SOMPO Himawari Life partners with dacadoo to launch health engagement app

Called Linkx score, the health engagement app will connect health activities and be able to implement the collected data with health risk prediction and illness prevention using dacadoo’s Health Score tech.
By Dean Koh
01:37 am

Credit: dacadoo

Japan-headquartered SOMPO Himawari Life Insurance Inc., recently announced a business partnership with Swiss-based digital health tech company dacadoo to launch its health engagement app called Linkx score.

The Japanese life insurance company said “it is transforming itself into a health support company with the aim of motivating customers to lead a healthier lifestyle and support their health through Insurance and Health, “Insurehealth”, which combines existing “Insurance” with “healthcare” functionalities.” 

The Linkx score app will connect health activities and be able to implement the collected data with health risk prediction and illness prevention in order to promote health awareness by utilizing dacadoo’s Health Score technology.

The dacadoo Health Score is a number between 0 and 1,000 representing overall health. It increases or decreases in near real-time, depending on how a user’s body, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle data change over time. The score is normalized by age and gender to support comparison and bench-marking.

Dacadoo offers/licenses its Health Score tech in three forms: white label, tech access through API and models API (no installation needed and no data storage). 


Insurance companies have been partnering with digital health startups or companies to offer more value and health monitoring/management capabilities for their clients through in-house or co-designed mobile apps. For instance, insurance provider Prudential has also recently integrated PAI Health’s heart activity metric into its Pulse digital health app.

In March, insurance and financial services provider Manulife announced its collaboration with dacadoo to strengthen its existing health engagement platform, ManulifeMOVE, MobiHealthNews reported. According to Manulife, the enhanced capabilities will make it easier for ManulifeMOVE customers to make better health decisions by encouraging them to take simple, preventative actions, including on better nutrition, exercise and sleep habits, to improve their long-term health.

Last July, dacadoo worked with Sydney-based digital health company Sleepfit to integrate sleep goals designed by Sleepfit on dacadoo. 


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