Apple displays airport travel guidance, Facebook adds vaccine themed frame and other digital health briefs

Also: Biocomposites launches new companion app. Glytec introduces latest version of its eGlycemic Management System.
By Laura Lovett
01:46 pm
Facebook Vaccine frames

Photo credit: Facebook

With a focus on travel during the pandemic, Apple Maps will now be displaying coronavirus airport travel guidance on airport place cards.

The new initiative incorporates data from Airports Council International, and provides information about regulations and health measures such as face coverings, tests and quarantines.

"The recovery of air travel will rely on passenger confidence in the industry’s focus on their health and welfare," ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira, said in a statement. "Having this information displayed in Apple Maps will help to make this crucial data much more broadly accessible to passengers. 

"This will help passengers to plan their journeys and be reassured that their health and safety remains a priority for the industry as we all work towards a sustained return to operations and global connectivity. 

"Collaboration remains key to a globally coordinated recovery, and we are grateful to our members for the partnership we have forged to deliver this important tool that will contribute to the rebuilding of passenger confidence in air travel.”

Facebook is letting its users add new vaccine-themed frames around their profile photo. The frames were created in collaboration with HHS and the CDC, and are designed to help build up trust around the vaccine.

"Research shows that social norms can have a major impact on people’s attitudes and behaviors when it comes to their health. We know people are more likely to get a vaccine when they see many people they trust are doing it," Facebook wrote in its announcement.

The frames rolled out in the U.K. last week as part of a partnership with the NHS. Over the course of the pandemic Facebook has launched a number of new initiatives on the public health side. Most recently it connected users to a new COVID-19 vaccination tool that helps users find where they can get vaccinated and opening times. 

U.K.-based medical device company Biocomposites launched a new companion app aimed at supporting surgeons and staff while using the company's products. The goal is that the app take over some responsibility from the company's sales representatives, who traditionally help guide surgeons to use the new products.

The new app will focus in on helping clinicians use the company's devices designed to address "infection management in bone and soft tissue."

“The number of surgeons we serve at Biocomposites is growing rapidly around the world, and the impact of COVID-19 on clinical practice has made it difficult for our sales representatives to be present in the operating room and provide guidance to the surgeon during a procedure," Biocomposites CEO Michael Harris said in a statement.

"To alleviate these pressures and maintain our unrivalled levels of support, the Biocomposites Companion app puts product preparation information, setting times and tips directly into the hands of the operating room staff. We are passionate about driving improved outcomes for surgeons and patients alike and the launch of the app is another step forward in that endeavor.”

Insulin management software company Glytec is launching the latest version of its eGlycemic Management System (eGMS). The new system uses the company's FDA-cleared algorithm Glucommander and uses historical data to recommend insulin dosing based on a patient's past sensitivity.

The tool is able to apply medication-dose confirmation and evaluate overnight blood glucose levels.

“For the past 15 years, Glytec has been at the forefront of developing computer-guided algorithms that make personalized insulin dosing possible. These latest enhancements are just the most recent example of our ongoing commitment to patient safety and improving nursing workflows.

"Our release includes many enhancements that we can directly attribute to feedback we’ve received by carefully listening to the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and administrators at hospitals across the country who use our platform,” said John Downey, Glytec chief commercial officer, in a statement.

"With evidence indicating a strong association between timely and accurate glucose management, improved outcomes and lower costs we are finding that health systems are already showing an increasing interest in Glucommander. With these important new innovations, we expect that adoption will expand even more rapidly."


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