Oncoshot partners with MyDoc to offer second opinion advice for cancer patients

The service enables patients from the region to make informed decisions about cancer care, with the aim of expanding their treatment options and improving clinical outcomes.
By Dean Koh
04:02 am

Above image: Medical Oncologist, Dr Choo Su Pin, conducting a Second Opinion consult via Oncoshot's second opinion portal. Credit: Oncoshot

Singapore medical start-up Oncoshot announced that it is partnering with digital healthcare provider MyDoc, to give cancer patients access to second opinion advice from leading oncologists. Founded in 2018, Oncoshot is a collaborative platform for cancer patients and oncologists and according to the start-up, their technology “allows patients to share their data with trial institutes and sponsors and receive an immediate response, shortening the clinical trial search from weeks to minutes.”

As part of the partnership, MyDoc will direct patients from within its network to Oncoshot’s specialist telemedicine platform, which offers remote medical advice from highly qualified oncologists as well as a clinical trial matching solution. The service enables patients from the region to make informed decisions about cancer care, with the aim of expanding their treatment options and improving clinical outcomes.


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Cancer, the second leading cause of mortality worldwide, is rising in prevalence in Singapore. According to the Singapore Cancer Registry, one in four people in Singapore may develop cancer in their lifetime, and the number of people living with cancer will continue to increase.

However, with cancer care advancing at an unprecedented rate globally, cancer patients today can choose from a wellspring of treatment options with the potential to elevate their quality of life. Seeking a second opinion to complement their primary healthcare providers can provide them with reassurance on their diagnosis and expose them to a range of therapies.


In March, ACT Genome, a cancer molecular information service company based in Taiwan, partnered with Oncoshot to offer comprehensive molecular information for Oncoshot’s clinical trial platform in Southeast Asia. 

Last August, Hong-Kong headquartered life insurance company Prudential partnered with MyDoc to offer consumers access to value-added health services on their mobile phones, including doctor consultations, electronic prescriptions and electronic medical certificates, MobiHealthNews reported


“Through this partnership, more cancer patients will be able to tap into medical advice from leading private sector cancer care providers from Singapore and the region, and connect to clinical trials on cancer treatments through telemedicine services,” said Dr Huren Sivaraj, Oncoshot CEO and co-founder, who is a medical oncologist at National Cancer Centre Singapore. 

“As the world continues to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and travel remains a challenge, it is important for cancer patients to have easy and timely access to medical advice that allows for informed decision making. The Oncoshot platform gives patients and oncologists efficient access to all critical information relevant to each individual patient’s unique medical condition,” added Dr Sivaraj.


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