Walmart Health clinic
By  Mallory Hackett 02:14 pm May 7, 2021
With this acquisition, Walmart Health will add nationwide virtual care options across primary care, urgent care and behavioral health to its clinics' service portfolio.   
Piggy Bank
By  Laura Lovett 02:12 pm May 7, 2021
This brings the company's total funding to roughly $88 million. 
Peloton Tread
By  Laura Lovett 01:03 pm May 7, 2021
Peloton anticipates treadmill recalls will cost the company roughly $165 million. 
Viome's Health Intelligence kit
By  Mallory Hackett 11:24 am May 7, 2021
Viome has adapted its technology to search for the presence of oral squamous cell carcinoma and oropharyngeal cancer in users’ saliva samples.   
surgery technology
By  Sara Mageit 07:07 am May 7, 2021
Also, €4.7 million awarded to Irish universities in drive to train data analysts for neuroscience.
Google office
By  Laura Lovett 02:44 pm May 6, 2021
Today at the Vatican Conference on health, Google's Dr. David Feinberg discussed how tech could help address health disparities. 
ZOE at-home test kits
By  Mallory Hackett 02:28 pm May 6, 2021
Based on the results of ZOE’s at-home gut health, blood sugar and blood fat tests, the company creates a personalized dietary plan for its users.   
Shaking Hands
By  Mallory Hackett 11:26 am May 6, 2021
Eli Lilly’s Tempo Pen and connected Tempo Smart Button will integrate with the software platforms and/or medical devices offered by the diabetes management companies.
Peloton Tread
By  Laura Lovett 10:36 am May 6, 2021
The news comes after 70 injuries and one child death were reported in relation to the treadmills. 
By  Thiru Gunasegaran 07:08 am May 6, 2021
The move is part of the energy and transport investor's foray into healthcare.