Digital gut health platform closes another $5.8M

Vivante Health's offering includes at-home testing and a 24-7 care team support line.
By Dave Muoio
11:50 am

Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly placed the raise at $5.1 million. We apologize for this error.

Digital gastrointestinal health company Vivante Health has pulled in another $5.8 million, largely from Lifeforce Capital and Big Pi Ventures. NFP Ventures, FCA Venture Partners and Longmont Capital also took part in the Series A1 round.


Vivante’s GIThrive is a digital digestive health program that includes an at-home microbiome testing kit, a breath-based food sensitivity monitor, a 24-7 support line to a gastrointestinal care team and other tools. Compared to other chronic disease programs, Vivante frames its product as a management tool that is more specifically tuned to the needs of individuals who experience discomfort or illness from gastrointestinal issues.

The company is headed by CEO and founder Dr. Kimon Angelides, who previously had a founding role in EosHealth (which later became Livongo), and currently has offices in Houston, Nashville, Chicago and Athens, Greece.


The company wrote in its announcement that the new funds will speed up its “efforts to provide relief to thousands of Americans who struggle with chronic GI symptoms.” Previously, the company had highlighted its efforts to sell the GIThrive platform to plans and employers.


Vivante’s last round came just over a year ago, when the company raised $6 million from NFP Ventures and FCA Venture Partners. In the time since, Israeli startup DayTwo raised a $31 million Series B for its digital gut analysis platform for nutrition and glycemic control. Also in the gut wellness space is London-based Bold Health, which launched an app platform in September that looks to tackle irritable bowel syndrome symptoms using cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy exercises and stress management techniques.

With that being said, the prolonged downfall of former industry frontrunner uBiome over the course of 2019 has cast a shadow over several other startups in the microbiome space.


"We knew we were onto something when the market responded so positively," Angelides said in a statement, ”but support from esteemed, experienced and successful firms like Lifeforce and Big Pi, and the continued strong support from our initial investor partners, give us a very encouraging boost of confidence as we carry out our vision and further develop the GIThrive platform."


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