Docs find many uses for social networks

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By Frank Irving
03:01 pm

It's no secret that social networking is playing an increasingly improtant role in many careers. Physicians are no exception to that and, in fact, many of them are connecting via smartphones or other mobile devices, linking to networks at a moment's notice to seek or share information.

Take Sermo, for instance. The network claims 40 percent of the U.S. physician population among its active users, while Doximity reports some 300,000 active users and QuantiaMD counts 225,000 active users, with half of them accessing the platform via mobile device. 

Medical Practice Insider, a sister publication of mHealth News, recently took a closer look at those social networks appealing specifically to the medical community. It found a wide range of uses for the platforms.

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"The long-term potential for physician social networking, as with many other disruptive tools, will only be limited by our imagination," said Kent Bottles, MD, a consulting principal with Pershing Yoakley & Associates.

Bottles – who, with 10,200 Twitter followers, is a highly recognized presence on medical social networking – said he mostly uses social media to keep up on "the transformation of the American healthcare delivery system" and crowdsource topics for teaching, consulting and keynotes.

"I have had speaking and consulting opportunities due to my online reputation," he said.

Other colleagues are harnessing online connections in concert with daily practice activities to, among other things, enable secure communications for care coordination, seek and compare treatment options for patients, discuss clinical images, participate in market research studies and earn continuing education credits.

Get the details about medically specific social networks by clicking on the hyperlinks below.

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Figure1: Instagram for physicians

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Sermo: Crowdsourcing with a diagnostic edge

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