Al Zahra Hospital Dubai adds AI-powered platforms to its roster of services

The offerings, aimed at improving patient communication, have been developed by intelligent commerce and customer service software provider, Novomind MEA.
By Ahmed El Sherif
05:08 am

CREDITL Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Dubai’s Al Zahra Hospital has introduced Artificial Intelligence-powered platforms to its range of communication and appointment booking offerings, the company has announced. The services have been developed in partnership with the intelligent commerce and customer service software provider, Novomind MEA.

“AI has been at the forefront of most information technology advancements, bringing with it immense advantages for both companies and end consumers,” the hospital said in a statement. “Although there has been increased adoption of AI by many healthcare providers in the operational or medical aspects of healthcare delivery, very few companies have considered how this novel technology can be used in streamlining patient communication or access to care.”


The aim of the additional platforms is to ease access to care and patient communication, with patients now being able to book instantly through WhatsApp Business, Facebook, and the hospital’s official website via an AI virtual assistant.

“We consider ourselves an ‘intelligent’ company, using and analysing data to assess consumer behaviour trends so we can better cater to our growing patient bases,” said Al Zahra Hospital Dubai CEO, Mohaymen Abdelghany. “We understand that the 2020 patient wants instant access and response, and is not willing to wait... while doing everything from the comfort of their mobiles. Our AI-powered WhatsApp channel is perhaps the most convenient and emancipated means to instantly book and access doctors schedules, as well as providing a plethora of other services.”


The hospital’s IT director, Mohammed Gamal elaborated: “Almost all providers have booking systems accessible through their social media channels, website or WhatsApp. The key here, however, is ‘Instant Access’, a novelty that we bring to the market. 

“Anyone can Instantly book appointments in real-time, access their medical records, get health tips, prescriptions and many other services directly through their WhatsApp and other platforms.”

Hossam Amer, GM of Novomind MEA added: “Al Zahra Hospital is the first hospital in Dubai to fully integrate all the consumer-facing platforms under an AI-powered umbrella eliminating waiting time for people seeking appointments or information. 

“The chatbot integrated with the hospital backend systems [is] smart enough to be humanised, having the ability to interpret patient’s written requests and respond accordingly hence removing the mechanical aspect of communication.”


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