Careology launches remote monitoring platform for cancer care

The digital cancer care platform will connect patients with their clinical team.
By Sara Mageit
08:42 am

Credit: Careology

UK-based, digital cancer care platform, Careology, has launched Careology Professional - a platform for clinicians to remotely monitor their cancer patients’ health in real-time.

Careology Professional gives clinicians a full view of their patients’ health status remotely and at any time of the day. 


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Currently, clinicians have no means to remotely manage or support patients going through challenging treatment regimes.

Clinicians have to rely on patients to get in touch if they have severe symptoms or side effects when at home and their own recollection of how they were on particular days, in order to analyse the cumulative impact and complications of treatment, can be unreliable.

Careology Professional allows clinicians to view and receive alerts and red flags for anomalies, vital signs, systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) toxicities and medication adherence.

This approach facilitates early and proactive clinical intervention which can help the patient feel more supported and has the potential to be lifesaving.


In related news, research found that digital therapeutics app, MyCognition app, can ease symptoms of ‘chemo brain’ in breast cancer patients, displaying an improvement in cognitive function for users. 

In Singapore, startup, Oncoshot partnered with healthcare provider, MyDoc to offer second opinion advice for cancer patients, enabling patients to make informed decisions about cancer care and expanding treatment options.


Dr Henry Carleton, managing director of Careology’ NHS Division, said: “Having worked across the NHS for almost 25 years, I strongly believe that technology plays a crucial role in the delivery of safe, patient-centric and scalable care. Interruptions to the tried-and-tested model of cancer care delivery, centred on in-person consultations between patient and clinician, will have ripple effects as the UK comes tentatively out of lockdown. So now, more than ever before, health systems need to adapt their services in a cost-effective manner to provide better - and, in some cases, remote - care to patients whilst protecting both patients and clinicians from this pandemic. 

Cancer is an extremely complex disease, one which ideally receives consistent, scheduled treatment with minimal disruption. With Careology Professional, clinicians now have access to a level of real-time health data which has the power to improve clinical outcomes by facilitating early intervention, transform the patient experience and drive a more efficient model of service provision.”


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