Cera launches SmartCare technology nationwide following $70 million financing boost

The British company provides digitally-enabled care services for the elderly.
By Sophie Porter
04:12 am

Technology-powered home care provider Cera Care has announced today the launch of its SmartCare technology in the UK after securing a $70 million financing boost.

Cera, who specialise in digitally-enabled care services for the elderly, believe the rollout of their new technology and analytics platform could “potentially [save] the NHS millions”.


SmartCare utilises machine learning and data analytics to predict the onset of health deteriorations in patients before they manifest. Pilot rollouts of the scheme proved promising: the platform successfully predicted over 700 previously undetected health deteriorations with 82% accuracy and alerted carers to these developments.

By providing them with up-to-date records of patients’ medical needs, the platform allows them to respond to issues promptly. The emphasis on preventative care for the elderly seeks to reduce incidences of admission to A&E or unnecessary hospitalisation, instead focusing on delivering care in the home.

The database also facilitates the personalisation of care, highlighting key needs and preferences and even tracking the mood of the patient. This high level of detail enabled the platform to identify the “next best action” for a patient with 93% accuracy in early rollouts, making care more consistent.


Cera’s latest financing surge of $70 million, which has allowed the rollout, highlights the growing interest in the future of care provision for the UK’s ageing population. As a fifth of Britain’s population reaches over 65, health tech companies are transforming the way care is provided to try and take the strain off the NHS and revitalise the care sector, offering more diverse solutions for patients, particularly in the home.

There is still a lot of confusion associated with end of life care. For instance, although approximately 20% of dementia-related hospital admissions are preventable, last year saw them increase by 100,000. Dementia patients also commonly have longer hospital stays than other patients.

By streamlining care provision and anticipating their needs and conditions, these visits can be avoided altogether, addressing health concerns sooner and potentially extending the lives of patients.


Cofounder and CEO of Cera Care Dr Ben Maruthappu said of the latest developments: “Our SmartCare platform will mean the difference between an older person spending a week or a month in a hospital ward or getting the right care earlier, so they don’t need to visit a hospital in the first place.

“At Cera, our ambition is not just to care more – it’s to care better – allowing our parents and grandparents to live in their own homes healthier and for longer.”


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