D-Link announces launch of a screening camera to detect skin-surface temperature in public places

The solution can be used to flag potential risks of COVID-19.
By Tammy Lovell
07:25 am

Credit: D-link

Surveillance solutions firm D-Link has announced the launch of a group temperature screening camera which can monitor up to 30 people at a time simultaneously. 

The DCS-9500T camera has been designed to be used in busy entrances at public places such as schools, hospitals, airports, hospitals and office buildings.

It combines thermal imaging technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to raise an alarm if a person is experiencing elevated skin-surface temperature. It does not measure actual core body temperatures, which should be further confirmed using clinical measurement devices.

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The all-in-one, intelligent fever screening kit comes with a dual-lens thermographic camera, blackbody calibrator and management software. Together with the Full HD optical imaging sensor, D-Link says the camera can create high-quality footage that overlays both thermal and optical images into one.

D-Link has designed, developed and manufactured networking, wireless, video surveillance, storage and home automation solutions for 30 years.


As public places begin to reopen, solutions are needed to prevent spread of COVID-19. DCS-9500T has been engineered specifically for monitoring large, busy areas and provides fast skin-surface temperature detection at a >0.3°C accuracy.


Digital solutions are in demand to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as normal life begins to resume after lockdowns. Healthcare technology companies Zebra Technologies and VitalTech recently announced a new digital health effort aimed at keeping workers healthy as businesses start to reopen. The solution includes equipment for at-home use so people can check for signs of illness and record their temperature and oxygen saturation on their own.

Meanwhile in Singapore, the National HIT agency, Integrated Health Information Systems, has partnered with local healthcare AI startup KroniKare to pilot iThermo – an AI-powered temperature screening solution that screens and identifies those having or showing symptoms of fever. iThermo uses a smart phone fitted with thermal and 3D laser cameras. The AI application processes and analyses the images from the smartphone camera and maps them to images from the thermal camera and the laser camera.


Paul Routledge, country manager at D-Link said: “As the world continues to reopen, business managers are looking to install fever-screening stations, digital trackers and other security systems to flag the potential risks of the coronavirus’ spread. For any business looking to make workplaces safer not just from the spread of COVID-19, but to make an impact on days lost through illness, and potentially save time and money, this thermal imaging camera is an excellent choice.”

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