Diabetes clinic for remote continuous data monitoring launches in Dubai

Following a soft launch in September, the GluCare Integrated Diabetes Center says it monitors the data of its patients in real-time, plus employs digital therapeutics.
By Rachel McArthur
08:54 am
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Credit: GluCare Diabetes Center

A specialist clinic that’s claiming to be “the world’s first healthcare provider” to “employ remote continuous data monitoring” for diabetic patients has been officially opened in Dubai.

Following a soft launch in September, GluCare Integrated Diabetes Center – which has been developed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with partners in Silicon Valley – offers remote continuous data monitoring as part of its standard care model, as well as digital therapeutics (DTx), that involves the use of software to implement “clinical-grade therapeutic interventions”.

“DTx products may be used independently or as is the case with GluCare, in tandem with in-person or remote clinician-delivered therapy, to optimise patient outcomes,” the company said in a statement. “GluCare will also be the region’s first diabetes clinic to measure and report both remote compliance and clinical outcomes.”


For co-founder and managing director, Ihsan Almarzooqi, the establishment of the centre came about as the result of a large number of diabetic patients in the UAE reporting non-compliance to their care plans. At present, those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes account for approximately 20% of the total population.

“Diabetes is a 24/7 condition that traditionally relied on guesswork and a one-size-fits-all approach that we know doesn’t work for most patients – a fact that has been tragically highlighted during the pandemic,” he said, citing that diabetics have represented nearly 40% of COVID-19 fatalities in the UAE. “At GluCare, we’re empowering both patients and clinicians through using technology as a humanising force.

“Our ‘continuous healthcare’ model means better outcomes and better health for patients through more personalised care, increased compliance to care plans, and perhaps, a better way of doing things for all.”

According to the company, patients will receive a connected starter kit that includes a wearable band that measures heart rate and heart rate variability, respiration rate, physical activity, skin temperature, and sleep patterns. They will also be provided with a wearable blood glucose monitor. 

The kit then collects data in real-time, with real-time insights and risk factors reportedly identified for each patient via artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.


“While technology underscores everything we’re doing at GluCare, the real innovation comes with taking that technology, data and AI, and using it to directly impact clinical outcomes in a way that is reflective of the challenges our patients face day in, day out,” explained co-founder and chairman, Ali Hashemi. “This empowers both our expert team of medical professionals – giving them access to real-time data – as well as our patients, who will find it easier to successfully manage their condition.”

Almarzooqi added: “Diabetes not only affects those with the condition; it also affects their families and wider society. It is an emotional and financial burden for individuals and their families, and given its prevalence here in the UAE, it’s equally a burden for the country at large.

“Through our data-driven and transparent approach, we can deliver continuous, cost-effective and improved quality of care and, in the process, help reduce both the devastating health and emotional costs for patients and their families, as well as wider socio-economic costs for society.”


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