French diagnostic software developer Primaa raises €2m in seed funding

The startup says it will use the investment to develop its AI solutions and market them internationally.
By Tammy Lovell
09:16 am

French health tech startup Primaa has raised €2m to accelerate the development and the international marketing of its automated diagnostic products.

The Paris-based firm, founded in 2018, develops software tools which use artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to assist anatomical pathologists with cancer and other diagnoses.

It is currently in the process of finalising its first tool focused on breast cancer and in the future aims to widen its scope to other pathologies in the gastrointestinal, urological and dermatological fields.

The funds were raised from Fonds Ambition Amorçage Angels or F3A (a fund managed by Bpifrance), Entrepreneurs Investis, 50 Partners, Angels Santé and business angels.


Primaa aims to improve on the manual diagnostic process, under which samples are transferred to slides and analysed under the microscope by experts.

Its software tools assist specialised practitioners by automating sample analysis with the goal of offering an instant, precise initial diagnosis. By digitising the slides and collecting millions of images in a database created with the support of several medical partners, Primaa can use AI to identify the various pathologies related to tissue damage and form a diagnosis.


Primaa says it has built partnerships with several anatomical pathology departments in France and is developing its products in 

close partnership with doctors. It has analysed several million digital images so far.

Meanwhile, Luxembourg hospital group Hôpitaux Robert Schumain recently announced it will pilot a radiological image analysis solution based on the BioMind diagnostic tool, which uses AI and deep learning to analyse neurological disorders.

The UK government is also leveraging AI to speed up disease diagnosis through investing more than €57.3m (£50m) to support NHS diagnostic services and the work of the Centres of Excellence in digital pathology and imaging with AI.


Primaa CEOFanny Sockeel said: “The software suite helps diagnose the most common pathologies extremely quickly, saving pathologists time and enabling them to respond to the increasing demand for diagnoses.

“The objective is now to firmly establish Primaa’s suite as the benchmark diagnostic assistance tool for pathology labs, clinics and hospitals worldwide.”

Bpifrance’s Fonds Ambition Amorçage Angels head of investments, Bruno Villeneuve, said: “We are very proud to participate in this ambitious seed round and support Primaa in its development. The project being undertaken by this great, multidisciplinary team has vast potential, bringing AI to bear in the service of medical practitioners to assist them in diagnosing cancer.

“The software solution has been developed in collaboration with renowned institutions and specialists, and great strides have already been made. This funding round will enable the company to accelerate its deployment both in France and internationally.


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