G-Core Labs and Wagner Group partner for next generation telemedicine platform

eConsult is already freely available to all medical professionals and residents and workers in Luxembourg.
By Sophie Porter
02:15 am
eConsult, telemedicine, Luxembourg

Credit: G-Core Labs

International cloud and edge provider G-Core Labs has partnered with Wagner Group to deliver the next generation of eConsult, the telemedicine platform mandated by the Luxembourgish government at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The platform, which was built by eSanté Agency, enables patients to have virtual appointments with their doctors, dentists or even midwives, as well as allowing doctors to issue prescriptions and share medical documents securely with patients. 


G-Core Labs and Wagner Group are technical partners of the eConsult solution. 

Wagner Group was the main technical consultant for the project, ensuring the service was compatible with all main operation systems and devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. The platform is hosted by a dedicated secure cloud environment developed by G-Core Labs, stationed in the Tier IV EDH datacentre in Luxembourg.

eConsult is available for free to all medical professionals, residents and workers in Luxembourg, meant to serve the 626,000 person population with quality medical care remotely, for as long as the pandemic persists and beyond.


As a result of the necessary restrictions imposed to stop the spread of COVID-19, telemedicine has thrived across the globe during the pandemic. It has also changed the way digital tools are perceived by both healthcare professionals and the public, in fact helping to alleviate nurse and physician burn out and providing greater flexibility for patients.


Hervé Barge, director of the eSanté Agency, explained the necessity for creating the platform in the first place: “Considering the highly contagious nature of the virus, we had to find a means to help reduce the risk of contamination, but still allow professionals to treat their patients while protecting themselves, this led us to decide to put eConsult in place.”

“Nobody was prepared for such a situation,” said André Reitenbach, CEO of G-Core Labs. “It was both an incredible challenge and opportunity, our teams worked around the clock and we managed to deploy a fully functional and secure solution which is now being used by thousands of patients and professionals.”

Speaking on the partnership, David Celis of the Wagner Group said: “For us it was really important to have a partner with the necessary expertise and fully engaged in the project. That’s why we chose to collaborate with G-Core Labs.”


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