H4D raises €15m to improve access to healthcare with its telemedicine pod, the Consult Station

New funding will develop key markets and launch the company’s US presence.
By Sara Mageit
05:41 am

Credit: ©H4D

H4D, the Paris-based health tech startup and founder of the Consult Station, has completed a €15 million round of funding.

H4D has developed a unique professional platform centered on the Consult Station, the first connected telemedicine booth. This new funding round has been launched in light of H4D’s recent strong customer growth at home and expansion into new markets.


The Consult Station is a telemedicine platform that enables a remote healthcare provider to conduct a clinical examination. This device combines certified technology, a pool of physicians trained in telemedicine and its expertise in healthcare project management. It comprises of all the necessary instruments and sensors for doctors to consult with patients via videoconference.

H4D has carried out numerous teleconsultations and self-checkups in town halls and healthcare facilities, providing key virtual healthcare and prevention services. They have also deployed its connected telemedicine booths to ensure continuity of care and treatment for chronically ill patients who couldn’t safely be treated in traditional healthcare facilities.

They have recently supported local hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis. Most notably, at Ramsay Health Vert-Galant hospital’s emergency department, H4D used the Consult Station to provide initial screening and detection of suspected COVID-19 cases. By integrating the Consult Station, the hospital was able to substantially reduce nurses’ intake time and protect them from the virus.


With this new round of funding, H4D will accelerate sales in its current markets and develop new services around the Consult Station. H4D will also use these funds to launch its US business headquartered in Cambridge, MA.


With a recent surge in telemedicine services, today’s news comes a few months after the funding of another European telehealth platform, Sweden-based telemedicine platform KRY (also known as LIVI) announcing a €140 million ($155 million) Series C funding round led by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan’s Teachers’ Innovation Platform. As well as, telemedicine giant, AmWell looking to go public in September, following a growth in the global telemedicine space amid the coronavirus.


“We are seeing exponential growth in the global telemedicine space, both from public authorities and the corporate sector,” said Dr. Franck Baudino, founder & president of H4D. “As population health strategies increasingly focus on the accessibility of quality healthcare, H4D’s clinical telemedicine solution – centered around the Consult Station, complete patient exams, and physician training – is a true market differentiator.”

“The Consult Station, developed and commercialised by H4D, offers a positive response to the challenges brought by demographic change and the increasing digitalisation of our societies. This funding round will develop the company’s capacities and expand the deployment of its unique technology, for the benefit of patients and medical professionals alike,” said Julien Cristiani, general partner at Supernova Invest.


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