Infermedica launches AI feature to connect patients with specialists

The platform aims to significantly shorten the path from patient to medical specialist.
By Sara Mageit
09:25 am
Infermedica, AI, Specialist Recommender

Credit: Indermedica Specialist Recommender

Poland-based AI platform for preliminary diagnosis, Infermedica has announced the launch of its new feature, Specialist Recommender.

The platform was developed over six months, in response to clients’ requests to provide patients with more tailored advice in addition to initial triaging suggestions.

The function enables healthcare and insurance providers to provide patients with a recommendation of specialists they need to see.


The function extends the recommendation of pre-clinical triage to a specific specialist, alongside the most effective communication channel to them. This creates direct integration with clients’ booking systems, enabling more streamlined medical care by shortening the path from patient and specialist.

Directing patients to the correct specialists prevents a backlog of patients in waiting rooms who do not need to be there, freeing up doctors to focus on those who need urgent care and consequently reducing costs for the healthcare system.

The function is supported by a list of 27 specialists – including pulmonologists, haematologists and allergologists – with providers able to select available options.

It is available in 18 languages and also includes regional differences in specialist accessibility, regulations, and clinical practices, ensuring patients receive appropriate instructions to take action.

Infermedica’s AI-driven platform is available via three interfaces:

  • A customisable API, which can be integrated into clients’ sites, websites and apps.
  • A white-label Symptom Checker that is available as a chatbot and voice assistant.
  • The Call Center Triage solution that enables telemedicine personnel to pre-diagnose patients and understand the severity of issues and receive timely assistance if needed.


In August, Infermedica announced a $10.2 million (€8.4 million) Series A funding for its triage symptom checking system.


Maciej Malenda, Infermedica’s head of partnerships, said: “This represents the next step in healthcare digitisation and Infermedica is pioneering the space. Our clients, which are predominantly healthcare and insurance providers, wanted to give patients more granular medical advice, so we moved quickly to develop the unique Specialist Recommender.

"A natural evolution of digital pre-diagnosis and triage processes, the feature will help quicken patient recovery by providing deeper, more tailored medical advice with direct instructions about who they need to see to help with a particular health issue. Our solutions continue to drive the industry forward through making healthcare more accessible and improving people’s lives for the better.”

Jakub Winter, Infermedica’s head of implementation, further explained: "The recommendation takes into consideration the patient profile, provided evidence, and its related severity. Analysing possible conditions and evidence allows us to see the big picture and provide a recommendation that is linked not only to the most likely outcome, but also the most serious scenarios. Consequently, the function is then able to guide patients to the experts who can expand the interview, run detailed diagnostics and initiate treatment.”


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