Medical Realities launches free online COVID-19 platform for medical workers

Covid med ed aims to train healthcare volunteers in skills to cope with the pandemic.
By Tammy Lovell
09:54 am

Professor Shafi Ahmed, chief medical officer and cofounder of Medical Realities, said: “We saw a need for a central credible repository of information for healthcare workers."

UK-based health tech firm Medical Realities has launched a free online resource to train healthcare workers in essential, safe and core practices for COVID-19.

The resource, called Covid med ed, brings together training, research and guidelines for medical students, the NHS and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Features include access to latest COVID-19 guidelines, reviews of the latest pandemic data and relevant tests on the key clinical areas.

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It aims to cover all skill levels from medical students who have been fast-tracked into practice to existing professionals or those returning to practice, without the risk or cost of face-to-face training.

Modules will be released over the coming weeks, with the first session on basic life support being launched within the next few days. Further topics will include clinical risk management, personal protective equipment, donning and doffing, infection control, management of medical emergencies, consent and end of life/ death certification.

The training is designed to be visual, interactive, and properly assessed to ensure the standard trainees reach is compliant from a medical standpoint.

Covid med ed is non-profit and is supported by experts from all over the world - gathering together sources of the latest guidelines and evidence across all disciplines by leaders in their field.


The current pandemic has led to an immediate need for global educational tools for frontline healthcare workers to cope with the demands of the management of patients with the virus.

Medical students are being fast-tracked into the clinical environment and also tens of thousands of healthcare workers have volunteered to come back to the workplace. There is a need for upskilling both existing and new healthcare staff at the frontline to practice safely with the necessary skills and competencies.

There is also a need for a repository of information that is credible and reliable. Online teaching and training have replaced face-to-face delivery and will form the new normal for learning.


Medical Realities is a technology enhanced healthcare company which specialises in immersive education, using augmented reality, virtual reality and serious games to help with the access of materials globally and to help with standardisation.

The firm has also partnered with tech solutions experts Arishi, creative design studio Escape Studios and Healthcare Skills International to deliver Covid med ed.


Professor Shafi Ahmed, who will be speaking at the HIMSS and Health 2.0 European Digital Event (7-11 September 2020), and is chief medical officer and cofounder of Medical Realities, said: “We saw a need for a central credible repository of information for healthcare workers. It took three weeks of hard work to launch the platform and we are adding new content of best practice, research, videos and other resources every day.”



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