New COVID-19 technology offers pooled screening for large groups

The CoTest technology will be able to screen up to 40 people at once.
By Sara Mageit
09:23 am
Technology Partnership Plc (TTP), CoTest, COVID-19

Credit: Technology Partnership Plc (TTP) CoTest device 

UK-based independent technology and product development company, the Technology Partnership Plc (TTP), is seeking partnerships for CoTest, a new pooled screening technology for COVID-19.

The technology can be used in any location, to screen up to 40 people at once for the virus, with results available in 30 minutes.


CoTest enables screening of large groups, such as school classes and workplaces, using a new approach to pooled screening and ensuring that positive cases are isolated quickly. 

Each pooled screening can be carried out for a similar cost to one individual test and claims to provide the same degree of accuracy.

Reducing the burden on centralised testing services, CoTest quickly provides results at any location.

TTP states that the equipment is compact and easy to use, with screening based on saliva or swab tests and no specialist or external staff are required to use the equipment.


Earlier this week, the FDA authorised the first COVID-19 test for self-testing at home.

Last month, UK high street pharmacy, Boots launched an in-store COVID-19 testing service with LumiraDx, who is also providing supplies to NHS Scotland.

Platforms for workplace testing have risen in popularity and demand, in the aim to get people back to work during the pandemic. In October, PocDoc launched a COVID-19 workplace testing platform, providing employers with a HR test results dashboard.


Peter Crossley, product development lead at TTP, said: “CoTest is not another mass testing offer. It is a new pooled screening technology designed to be compact and simple to use without specialist support or training.

“With support, it’s entirely possible that ‘CoTest’ could be in schools and businesses and being used as a key tool in how we manage the virus. The cost efficiency of this technology becomes increasingly powerful as infection rates decrease and health security monitoring becomes key.”

Giles Sanders, diagnostics lead at TTP, said: “With the development of CoTest we are looking at where we see the role of testing and screening in the immediate future.

“We believe this technology represents an important step forward in distributed screening capacity, reducing the risk of transmission and allowing organisations to take greater control over their health security, stay open and relieve pressure on central services.

TTP are looking for investment and partners to accelerate product development and scale-up. TTP believe that, with support, they will be able to accelerate development of CoTest rapidly and have already engaged a number of global partners across assay development and manufacturing."


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