Swiss insurtech company dacadoo launches digital health engagement platform

The Wheel of Life initiative will help people live healthier and more active lives.
By Sara Mageit
04:36 am

Zurich-based insurtech company, dacadoo has launched 'the ultimate lifestyle navigator', helping people live healthier lives through a combination of motivational techniques from behavioural science, gamification principles and social networking.

The platform also uses AI and automated coaching to guide people towards increased fitness and improved diet choices.


Globally, leading causes of death are being attributed to non-communicable diseases, which are mostly derived from lifestyle components, such as smoking or harmful alcohol intake, lack of exercise or a poor diet.

Users of Wheel of Life will be able to measure and quantify their physical and mental health, the quality of their sleep and nutrition, their mindfulness, their physical activity and their smoking habits or alcohol intake; resulting in a single number from 0 (poor) to 1,000 (excellent) which is their Health Score.

The award-winning Health Score is a scientific solution to measuring holistic health, based on clinical studies of over 300 million people.

A recent industry survey conducted by dacadoo, states that 81% of life and health insurers are now turning their attention to attaching a health and wellbeing proposition to their product offering as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of this, through the Wheel of Life product transformation, dacadoo aims to improve the digital health engagement experience for insurers and corporate wellness providers by improving the user experience with an easier interface.


Last month, Greek insurance company, Generali Hellas launched a new health engagement platform, My Health IQ using dacadoo's technology.

In Asia, Japan-based SOMPO Himawari Life Insurance announced a business partnership with dacadoo to launch its health engagement app, Linkx score.


Peter Ohnemus, President & CEO of dacadoo said: “The Wheel of Life makes digital health engagement easier than ever. I am very excited to have released this pioneering solution at a time when incorporating healthier habits and leading better lifestyles is so crucial.

“Additionally, life and health insurers now have a tangible solution to both keeping their insured members healthy, focusing on prevention of lifestyle-derived health conditions, but also a way to incorporate a #wecare strategy, which is at the peak of importance in the new normal of the stakeholder economy.”


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