Versius Robotic System introduced in German hospitals

The robotics tool will be used at Klinikum Chemnitz to aid in laparoscopic surgeries.
By Sophie Porter
01:55 am

Credit: CMR Surgical

Cambridge-based medical device company CMR Surgical (CMR) are celebrating an important landmark as their Versius Surgical Robotic System is brought to the German healthcare market. The tool, which provides top quality technological assistance to surgeons and medical teams in minimal access surgery (MAS), has been adopted by Saxony hospital Klinikum Chemnitz, where it will be used to perform various procedures.

The hospital has also partnered with international experts in a programme exploring how Versius can be used in thoracics.


Germany is known as a leader in medical technology innovation and adoption, with the government last year pledging €3 billion to assist in the digitisation of its hospitals. By installing Versius at Klinikum Chemnitz, a pioneering public and teaching hospital known for its digitally-integrated healthcare solutions, CMR are expanding into a potentially lucrative market and bringing it accessible, affordable MAS solutions.

MAS, also known as laparoscopic or keyhole surgeries, are associated with many benefits in comparison with open surgery, such as faster recovery time and better patient outcomes. However, the procedures are often long and complex and, without the use of robotics, can be very strenuous for surgeons.

Versius, which launched in France last September and Australia earlier this month, has so far been used in more than 1,000 clinical cases in the UK and worldwide. As well as providing intuitive robotics that are easily adaptable to different surgeries, the tool also captures meaningful data that is fed back to the surgeon through connected apps to improve surgical care.


The market for surgical robotics is growing, attractive for its benefits to both medics and patients and its potential to cut down overall medical costs. Valued at $5.1 billion (€4.2bn) in 2017, it is estimated to grow to $12.6 billion (€10.4bn) by 2025.

Earlier this year, UK-based robotics company Freehand set out to crowdfund £1 million (€1.15m) to support the expansion of its surgical camera controllers, while eCential Robotics gained almost €100 million in funding to support its growth.

Clinician wellbeing has been a particular focal point during the pandemic, with the UK government pledging £15 million (€17.24m) to aid mental health support for NHS workers.


Per Vegard Nerseth, CEO of CMR said: “This launch into Germany showcases Versius’ value to one of the most highly held healthcare systems in the world. We are excited to install our first system today at one of Germany’s most forward-thinking hospitals. Germany is a market leader in Europe and paves the way for us to further accelerate our roll out of Versius across a number of new markets in Europe in the coming months.”

Professor Dr Lutz Mirow, chief physician of general and visceral surgery at the hospital, added: “At Klinikum Chemnitz we are proud to be able to say that we are leading the way in adopting new medical technologies to improve patient outcomes, and the installation of Versius supports this position. We are thrilled to be able to work closely on a clinical programme with CMR to significantly boost uptake of robotic MAS in the country.”


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