Walgreens Boots Alliance inks deal with Concepta Diagnostics to sell myLotus fertility tracker

This deal marks the first commercial agreement for Concepta Diagnostics' myLotus system.
By Laura Lovett
03:16 pm

This morning Concepta Diagnostics, maker of the take-home home fertility monitoring system myLotus, announced a deal with the Walgreens Boots Alliance to sell its product.

This news marks the first commercial agreement for the system, which was officially launched in December. So far the system has been approved for a CE mark, allowing the London-based company to begin an EU roll out. 

“Boots are the largest provider of fertility and pregnancy tests in the UK and the deal will enable Concepta to access the UK market via boots.com," Matthew Walls, Concepta’s chairman, wrote in an email to MobiHealthNews. “We expect to roll-out myLotus to other EU markets over the coming months in partnership with WBA.”

The MyLotus system is made up of an app and small fertility monitor. It uses luteinising hormone (LH) levels — higher levels indicate ovulation — to help predict when a woman has the best chance to become pregnant. 

Women record their cycles and test their hormone levels. Then, based on their individual hormone profile, the system will be able to calculate a woman’s most fertile days. The system is also designed to help women detect if they are pregnant. 

Why it matters 

Conceiving can be challenging for many couples. Fertility rates in many parts of the world have dropped including the US, UK and Japan, according to the World Bank

A conflux of factors are responsible, including women waiting to have children and having less children. Fertility rates decline in women in their 30s, particularly after age 35, according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine

Many are now pitching technologies as a way to help couples keep track of fertility windows. 

What’s next 

The company said that while the technology is first launching in the UK, it is preparing to also sell in the EU. Following that, Walls said the company is looking to the US and Japanese markets. 

Concepta is also looking at expanding its suite of products. 

“Alongside fertility and pregnancy, the myLotus product is extending across other key hormones in the menstrual cycle including progesterone and FSH to provide a comprehensive assessment of a woman’s hormone cycle and wellbeing,” Walls said. “This will allow myLotus to be used by a broader group of women to measure and monitor hormone changes at different stages of their lives, including menopausal and early stage educational.”

What's the trend 

Also in the fertility tracking space include, Mira, which sells an at-home fertility testing system that has FDA and CE Mark clearances. Ava is another company working on helping women understand their reproductive health. That system offers a fertility tracker and access to one-on-one fertility testing. 

On the record

“The ability to team up with WBA provides a partner with significant local and international reach which will be vital for consumers access as awareness grows," Walls said. "myLotus provides hormone measurement capability, user cycle ‘signatures,' visible rate-of-change in hormone levels (via the accompanying app) and health diagnostic insight. This enables women to be empowered to better understand and monitor their menstrual cycle, health and wellbeing.”


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