Well.Me launches COVID-19 workplace vaccine and symptom tracker

The platform will enable localised “track and trace” and workplace-wide digital COVID freedom passes for UK employers.
By Sara Mageit
06:06 am
COVID-19 vaccine

Lincolnshire-based provider of corporate health metrics and tracking systems, Well.Me, has announced the launch of a new set of physical and digital systems to support COVID-19 track and trace and vaccine roll-out monitoring.


The systems will allow for symptom monitoring and localised “track and trace” operations within workplace environments, as well as providing a database of which employees have received a vaccine, which could enable a digital COVID “freedom pass” for staff. 

Well.Me provides a digital health tracking service for employees via an app and browser-based health dashboard.

The app is also fully integrated with Well.Me's existing health monitoring Wellpoints systems, and can be automatically integrated with on-site testing results to establish contact tracing operations within workplaces to help employers take action against outbreaks. 

The Wellpoints systems are used by the Department of Health and the NHS where they provide both staff and patient health checking services. 


Today, 90-year old Margaret Keenan became the first person to receive the highly anticipated Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination. As the UK begins the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history, the digital health industry have rolled-out multiple platforms to assist with the logistical challenge of such a large-scale programme.

Amongst these, is DrDoctor who launched the Quick Book solution ahead of vaccination roll-outs to allow NHS trusts to prepare one month's worth of vaccination appointments.

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) has paid Genpact UK a tender of £1.5 million to develop an AI tool to sift through the high volume of reports of adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.


Keith Lewis, CEO of Well.Me said: “In getting Britain back to work it is vital that we give major employers, including our health service, the means to combat outbreaks of COVID-19 in the workplace.

“We need symptom checking to provide early alerts and digital tracking of employee health to react fast to outbreaks. Well.Me is adapting its existing health metrics systems and digital tracking service to help the UK’s employers.” 



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