WellSky partners with Modeus for paperless drug administration system

The partnership will help improve governance and compliance to controlled drug records.
By Sophie Porter
01:41 am

Credit: WellSky

Modeus, the Australian healthtech company behind controlled drug (CD) management platform HS8, has partnered with WellSky International to deliver a new iteration of the platform in the UK and Ireland.

Integrated with WellSky’s existing CD systems, the newly branded WellSky CD Manager is powered by Modeus, bringing paperless CD administration to hospital staff from all parts of the hospital, including wards, pharmacies and theatres, improving efficiency and governance and reducing operational costs.

WellSky plans to extend operations of the platform to its sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and South Africa in the future.

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WellSky CD Manager eliminates the need for CD paper records which not only streamlines administrative tasks through automation, but also removes a potential source of viral infection, as identified in recent reviews of hospital safety and hygiene.

The comprehensive paperless system is designed around four pillars of security – governance, compliance, efficiency and accuracy. In-built reporting and alerts provide improved data visibility, which facilitates more accurate monitoring and more efficient responses, whilst consistent procedures ensure regulatory obligations are met. For example, the system sends out automated alerts when a discrepancy or potential CD diversion is identified in a CD life cycle, enabling accountable officers to respond faster to misappropriation.


The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a global push to digitise pharmaceutical supply chain management systems, even using blockchain to reduce costs and prevent counterfeiting.

For example in Bahrain a new electronic tracking system has been introduced to ensure medicines are dispensed according to required procedures, while Dubai has developed a "Smart Inventory" system to improve efficiency.


Rob Tysall-Blay, CEO of WellSky International, commented: “WellSky is delighted to partner with Modeus on this journey. CD Manager is an important new addition to the WellSky Medicines Management Platform and provides hospitals with a paperless solution for their controlled drug processes. We anticipate a great deal of interest in this latest expansion to the WellSky suite.”

He continued: “The product is currently used extensively throughout Australian hospitals to safely manage and track controlled drugs, including patient’s own drugs. We anticipate a great deal of interest in this latest addition to the WellSky suite. Integration and testing are well under way and the CD Manager product have been available to customers from 1 September 2020.”

Carl Zufi, CEO of Modeus, commented: “We are very excited to be partnering with WellSky International to deliver our innovative controlled management platform to global markets. WellSky International has a comprehensive medication management platform and WellSky CD Manager extends and compliments this to provide a fully integrated solution unmatched anywhere else. As the use of controlled drugs in hospitals continues to grow at a rapid rate, the need to move away from inefficient manual paper-based systems is critical. WellSky CD Manager has been specifically designed to address this challenge.”


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