Workforce training platform Transform launches to the pharmaceuticals industry

The platform provides solutions in energy health and safety training and now brings its training expertise to the pharmaceuticals sector.
By Sara Mageit
06:36 am

Credit: Transform

Created by 3t Energy Group, UK-based workforce management and training platform, Transform, is bringing its expterise to the pharmaceuticals sector.

Transform links companies and individuals to 3t’s tech-driven immersive learning technologies such as R3, a bite-sized learning app that increases knowledge retention, virtual reality training, and augmented reality learning, 3t’s interactive knowledge-testing platform, and video learning.

3t Energy Group is a training provider to the international energy industry and works with global names such as BP, Shell, and Total.

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Through Transform, the Group’s training expertise is now being released to the pharmaceuticals industry, and already works with Stirling Pharmaceuticals.


Many companies still using various computers, systems and filing cabinets to manage their workforces. 

Accessible online and offline, Transform’s dashboard allows companies to track details of workforce and asset compliance from one central platform.

Transform stores information and training tools in the cloud and aims to solve problems businesses face when managing and tracking their workforce.

The platform's features help to increase and improve delegates' learning and competency, reducing time and money spent on travelling to training centres to retake exams and courses.


In recent news, an independent study released by official NHS body, The Kent Surrey and Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) revealed that Locum’s Nest, a digital platform which maximises workforce, would provide a 72% saving on agency spend for NHS trusts.

Also in the UK, NHS doctors and nurses in England are being given advanced training in treating COVID-19 patients from some of the UK’s leading immersive technology companies.

Meanwhile, industry leaders across medtech and pharmaceuticals sectors have applauded the European Innovation Partnership proposal for its forward thinking in envisioning Europe as a world-leader in collaborative research and development in technology, connectivity and interoperability. 


Transform CEO, Paul Stonebanks, said: “Transform uses 3t’s portfolio of blended learning technologies - the world’s largest - to drastically improve knowledge retention, which has been scientifically proven. We are already changing workforce management and training across the industry, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus-driven upheaval to working practices."

“There has never been a better time to give the way workforces are managed a shake-up.” 

“Our technologies have changed the way companies in the energy industry operate - 3t is known for pushing boundaries and with Transform we are doing that yet again. We want to do the same within the pharmaceuticals industry.”


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