By Mallory Hackett June 23, 2020
Quit Genius, a digital addiction-recovery program, has extended its platform to support alcohol and opioid addictions. The program is designed for enterprise and health plan customers in the U.S. to help their employees recover from addiction. Fees are paid for by the user’s employer or health plan. Employers are charged an annual fee for each participant that actually enrolls in the program.
By Laura Lovett June 23, 2020
The new round led by Andreessen Horowitz will be put towards expanding the company's growth. 
By Dave Muoio June 23, 2020
The company will be expanding its global team and fleshing out its medical-device and software data-management platform.
By Laura Lovett June 23, 2020
The new app will use Bluetooth tech and will likely launch in July in Ottawa. 
By Dave Muoio June 23, 2020
The collaboration between the digital health company and the cardiovascular health organization aims to reduce stress and encourage healthy habits among employees and plan members.

Credit: Agamon

By Tammy Lovell June 23, 2020
The proceeds will be used to further develop its technology which transforms clinical text into data.

Credit: Swoop Aero

By Dean Koh June 23, 2020
The startup says it aims to provide one hundred million people with better access to healthcare by 2025.
By Jonah Comstock June 22, 2020
New mobility metrics could help clinicians to treat patients with conditions that affect their movement, while Noise app updates will help protect users' hearing.
By Laura Lovett June 22, 2020
Some of Dexcom’s G6 applicators were getting stuck to the wearable CGM, but the company said it has worked to remedy this issue.
By Jonah Comstock June 22, 2020
New workout modules and automatic handwashing detection were rolled out at Apple's annual developer conference, but no update was offered on contact-tracing efforts.