By Dave Muoio June 16, 2020
A new enterprise offering called Ready for Work will use devices, apps and dashboards to conduct daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms.
By Dean Koh June 16, 2020
The study indicated that the reagent used in Lucence’s SAFER Sample saliva collection kit inactivates SARS-CoV-2 within 45 seconds of sample collection. 
By Dave Muoio June 15, 2020
The long-awaited decision is the first regulatory authorization for Akili, and the first game-based therapeutic that the FDA has greenlit for any condition.
By Laura Lovett June 15, 2020
The retail giant has purchased CareZone's tech platform, patents and IP. 
By Laura Lovett June 15, 2020
The system is able to continuously transmit glucose data every minute. 
By Dave Muoio June 15, 2020
From virtual management programs to hybrid closed loop systems, diabetes management companies put the spotlight on improved blood glucose management and positive clinical outcomes.

Credit: ©H4D

By Sara Mageit June 15, 2020
New funding will develop key markets and launch the company’s US presence. 
By Tammy Lovell June 15, 2020
The funding will be used to radically overhaul Germany’s desk-based operating health systems. 
By MobiHealthNews June 12, 2020
VR researcher and advocate Dr. Robert Louis gives HIMSS Media insight on the current state of VR in healthcare, and how the virus has impacted his hospital's rollout of the technology.  
By Mallory Hackett June 12, 2020
Conversa Health, an automated virtual care communication platform, closed $12 million in a Series B funding this week.