Israeli basketball team trials sleep technology to improve players’ performance

The Sleeprate platform uses AI algorithms to analyse athletes’ heart rate and brain activity.
By Tammy Lovell
08:30 am

EuroLeague basketball team Maccabi Tel Aviv is testing new sleep technology in the hope that it will be able to reduce players’ travel fatigue, preventing injuries and optimising recovery.  

It is the first professional team in the world to trial the solution by Israeli app makers Sleeprate.

The Boost - Sleep for Performance technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms based on elite athletes’ sleep data. By linking heart rate and brain activity throughout the night, the product creates an individual-tailored sleep coaching programme for players.

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Professional basketball players spend more time on the road than other professional sports leagues with an average of four nights a week on the road, playing three games a week.

Every night before bed, players put on a smart-watch and fill out a short questionnaire. In the morning, they fill out another questionnaire before removing the wearable. The overnight data provides players and trainers with personalised sleep insights on the amount and quality of their sleep. 

Coaches and trainers are also given access to this data, telling them if a player needs more rest or additional recovery time to prevent injury.

Clinical research has found Sleeprate has an 80% success rate of helping people fall asleep faster, and staying asleep throughout the night.


The CEO and founder of Sleeprate, Dr Anda Baharav, is a sleep therapist who has been published in more than 25 journals in the sleep field.

Sleeprate uses behavioural sleep medicine practices with content developed at Stanford University’s Behavioral Sleep Division to create a unique solution for a better sleep-life balance. The programme is also the winner of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions Award.

Last month, the company announced a collaboration with wearables manufacturer Garmin Health, which allows the Sleeprate app to access sleep and activity data from the Garmin Health Companion SDK device.              


Dr Baharav said: “It’s pretty straightforward - if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re more likely to get sick or injured. By analysing a player’s sleep, health habits and specific training needs, coaches can essentially predict which players are most likely to get sick or injured based on this personalised data.”

Maccabi Tel Aviv’s fitness and conditioning coach Regev Fanan, said: "We’re thrilled on our collaboration with Sleeprate as it helps our players sleep better and optimises their performance during games. Taking into account the demanding schedule we have – and all the traveling we do –​ Sleeprate’s development is a milestone in understanding a player's health and physical condition.”


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