Patient using telehealth to talk to a healthcare professional on a tablet
By  Mallory Hackett 11:47 am June 14, 2021
Building off its recent partnership with ICAS World, Lyra is using the new capital to support the launch of its new international service options.
By  Adam Ang 11:11 pm June 13, 2021
The model showed 86% sensitivity and a specificity of up to 96.1%.
By  Adam Ang 11:03 pm June 13, 2021
Its device for senior folks can now predict a fall by triangulating all the user's data in real-time.
By  Laura Lovett 02:00 pm June 11, 2021
At HIMSS' State of Healthcare event on June 15, Oscar CEO Mario Schlosser will discuss how the insurance space has adjusted to the COVID-19 demands. 
Healthcare professional in a mask swabs patient arm with cotton before administering a vaccine
By  Mallory Hackett 11:38 am June 11, 2021
The alliance is starting out by supporting research into how social media can be leveraged to increase confidence in and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines.   
Apple Health sharing
By  Laura Lovett 11:36 am June 11, 2021
The feature lets patients share their user-generated data with clinicians and family members. The team at Cerner says this is one step toward patients controlling their data. 
Microcytic anaemia
By  06:05 am June 11, 2021
Dr Janne Cadamuro, from the University Hospital of Salzburg in Austria, reviewed the diagnostic process in Laboratory Information Systems and found that 50% of Microcytic anaemia patients were not followed up at all or followed up correctly.
By  Thiru Gunasegaran 05:52 am June 11, 2021
The online pharmacy also offers teleconsultations and at-home lab testing.
By  Adam Ang 12:43 am June 11, 2021
They integrated the deep learning technology used in mechanical equipment into an ultrasound imaging device.
By  Adam Ang 12:24 am June 11, 2021
Also, League of Legends Pro League names Hyperice as its official recovery technology partner this year.