Garmin launches GPS enabled, altitude tracking Enduro smartwatch

The watch is also equipped with a VO2 Max indicator, a mountain bike feature and a training guidance.
By Laura Lovett
11:57 am
Enduro watch

Today Garmin launched a new activity tracking smartwatch dubbed Enduro, which touts a solar-charging lens and a 65-day battery life. The latest product is designed for athletic training and comes with GPS tracking.

The wearable comes with VO2 Max fitness levels, which can be adjusted based on trail conditions. Enduro also comes with a specific feature for climbing, which tracks a user’s distance and elevation gain during a workout; a mountain biking feature, which can track the difficulty of the trail; and a rest timer that captures how long a user spent at a rest station.

Users can also tap into training and recovery guidance and suggestions for their training. The tool also includes a wrist-based heart rate and Pulse Ox sensor specifically designed for altitude acclimation.


Fitness trackers are a big market in the US. According to Pew Research Center, 21% of Americans report using a smartwatch or fitness tracker. The report found that adults making over $75,000 a year were the most likely to own a wearable.

This market trend has not gone unnoticed by large companies. The performance wearable space is becoming crowded. Beyond the traditional competition of Fitbit and Apple Watches, more and more tech giants are turning to the space.

In August, Amazon announced the release of the Amazon Halo, an on-wrist health tracker and accompanying app. Yesterday reports emerged that Facebook was said to be building its own health and wellness wearable.


Over the last year, Garmin has been adding to its suite of products. In January, the company released a smartwatch called Lily, which it positioned as a watch for women, touting a smaller size and a menstrual-cycle-tracking feature. In the fall, the company also released a new watch for runners and triathletes called the Forerunner 745.


“Built to last during any training session or ultra-event, Enduro gives ultrarunners and cyclists the confidence that their watch has as much energy as they do, plus the unique insights they need to monitor their performance,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales, in a statement. “And with Enduro on their wrist, ultraperformance athletes can focus on the competition instead of their battery life.”



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