HIMSSCast: Governments, health systems' evolving response to COVID-19

The HIMSS Media editors discuss government and healthcare-organization response to the coronavirus, including chatbot services, drive-through testing sites and social-media monitoring.
10:00 am

The number of COVID-19 cases has climbed to 167, 515 globally, according to the World Health Organization. Cases in Europe and the United States are rising quickly. Health systems are looking for new ways to deal with the increase in cases. New initiatives including drive-through testing, chatbot helpers and hotlines are among the solutions proposed. 

In today's HIMSSCast, we discuss how government and healthcare systems are responding to the pandemic, with host Laura Lovett from MobiHealthNews, and an international team of editors including Healthcare Finance News' Jeff Lagasse, and MobiHealthNews/Healthcare IT News AsiaPAC Editor Dean Koh (joining us by phone from Singapore) and MobiHealthNews/Healthcare IT News EU Associate Editor Leontina Postelnicu. 

For more news check out: https://www.himss.org/news/coronavirus


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