HIMSSCast: What health startups need to be thinking about during COVID-19

Pivot strategy, co-creating, sale cycles and quality control all need to be on the table when navigating today's chaotic healthcare market.
By MobiHealthNews
01:27 pm


Agility and innovation were always the name of the game for health tech startups, but the past few months of COVID-19 have shifted the demands of providers, payers and consumers in a way few could have predicted. Many entrepreneurial teams are fighting the clock to review or revamp their products or commercialization strategies – but what are their options, and what should they be keeping in mind when rewriting the rules of their startups? 

In this episode of the HIMSSCast, Dr. Roxie Mooney, CEO and healthcare commercialization strategist at Legacy DNA, joins Editor-in-Chief Jonah Comstock to discuss the challenges – and opportunities – health startups are facing in the "new normal."

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