HIMSSCast: Why the digital health IPO is making a comeback

Plus: Amazon says Halo to the wearable space
By MobiHealthNews
02:41 pm

AmWell and GoodRx seem to be ushering in a second wave of digital health IPOs. Why is this happening now? And who's next? With Healthbox President and HIMSS EVP Neil Patel as their guest, the MobiHealth team (host Jonah Comstock, Managing Editor Laura Lovett and Associate Editor Mallory Hackett) dive into these questions and more.

Plus, in the second half of the show, they discuss Amazon Halo, the tech giant's long-awaited entry into the wearable space.


Articles mentioned in this episode:

Amwell inks deal with Google Cloud and files to go public

Amazon releases wearable health tracker with app called Amazon Halo

GoodRx files to go public, revealing jumps in year-over-year revenue growth

SOC Telemed going public through 'blank check' acquisition

Hims eyes deal to go public and expands its remote mental health services

Why buying Physera made sense for Omada

Ro receives $200 million in funding and is now valued at $1.5 billion

Verily launches new health insurance venture

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