IMA Clinical Research deploys AiCure's app to potential study participants, RapidSOS delivers Vitals Aware Services' data to 911 and more digital health deals

SmileDirectClub taps NexHealth's EHR API; Digital pathology companies partner on prostate cancer detection.
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IMA Clinical Research, a division of the IMA Group that provides clinical evaluation and research services, has partnered with AiCure to deploy the patient engagement company's Patient Connect tool to patients in a new effort to observe health management beyond the traditional study setting.

The 30-day program will have participants using the smartphone app to confirm adherent dosing behavior and stay in contact with a clinician in case they need additional support, all while the app collects digital biomarker data to monitor their condition. With these data, the partners say that they will be able to provide future study sponsors with a well-described cohort of patients across a range of therapeutic areas.

"Spanning multiple demographics, disease states and geographies, our patient population is uniquely positioned for participation in clinical trials that rely on diverse enrollment," Dr. Mark Weinberger, president of the IMA Group, said in a statement.

"By giving our patients tools like AiCure Patient Connect, we not only support them in their treatment plan, but we help sponsors achieve a deeper understanding of which patients are best suited for a specific trial, thus expediting recruitment timelines."

Last week, emergency response data platform RapidSOS announced a new partnership with Vitals Aware Services, the maker of an app-based service that informs first responders of disabilities and other relevant conditions.

Now, Vitals Profile911 users will have the option to share their profiles – which can include medical information, emergency contacts and de-escalation tools – with 911 agencies directly through the RapidSOS platform.

“911 is the front door to the U.S. healthcare system. Without data from platforms like Vitals Profile911 and RapidSOS, first responders may not be able to optimally help the most vulnerable in our community get the right care at the right time,” Dr. Eugene Hsu, head of healthcare at RapidSOS, said in a statement.

“This is why we’re committed to building a future in which technology and people work together to protect lives. Together with innovative companies like Vitals, we’re proud to provide an added layer of safety and security for our community while supporting our heroic first responders in saving millions of lives annually.”

Last week patient engagement company NexHealth announced a deal with SmileDirectClub's Partner Network focused on using NexHealth's universal EHR API in order to build scheduling tools for affiliated practices. The tool will let patients see when SmileDirectClub affiliates have appointments, and will allow them to book directly through the platform.

"It's a privilege to be a part of SmileDirectClub's mission to provide accessible care to consumers," NexHealth CEO Alamin Uddin said in a statement. "Now, patients will experience a convenient way to book appointments that also boosts efficiency for dental practices and their office staff."

Digital pathology company Proscia is teaming up with AI oncology diagnostic platform Ibex Medical Analytics on a new initiative to detect prostate cancer.

The pair plan to use technologies from both companies, including Ibex's Galen Prostate AI tool and Proscia's Concentriq image and data management platform. The goal is to further develop AI-enabled triage and cancer-detection tools.

“As prostate cancer impacts millions of patients each year, and as pathologists face ever-increasing challenges, it is paramount that we empower laboratories with clinical-grade AI solutions that provide accurate, timely diagnosis and ultimately improve patient outcomes,” Joseph Mossel, CEO and cofounder of Ibex Medical Analytics, said in a statement.

“We are excited to partner with Proscia to accelerate development and rollout of end-to-end digital pathology solutions that utilize the full potential of our AI technology.”

Health AI startup Olive Health Technology and blüüm, a recently launched tech platform offering curated medical insurance plans and health services, have partnered to launch an emotional support tool called Ollie.

The Hong Kong companies say that their automated, anonymous chatbot guides its users through wellness strategies that reflect their personal mental health needs, and is expected to drive a 30% reduction in anxiety and depression among users within two weeks.

"The pandemic has a significant impact on the mental well-being of people in Hong Kong," Ying Wu, CEO of blüüm, said in a statement. "At blüüm, we believe in the importance of holistic health, and it is our priority to offer all-round care for the community to satisfy their different health needs. Our partnership with Olive Health Technology enables us to offer more accessible and regular mental health support."


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