Infographic: Making the most out of care transitions

From the mHealthNews archive
By Eric Wicklund
10:31 am

Healthcare has always struggled to get the transitions right. When someone goes home from the hospital or clinic, or moves from the hospital to another facility, or moves from the doctor's office to a specialist, or even changes rooms in the hospital, there's a lapse in care. Communications are cut off, access to medical records is interrupted, care team members are left in the dark.

Mobile health tools and platforms can play an important role in ensuring the care transition process goes smoothly. An app or device that can travel with the doctor or patient, or a platform accessible via mobile devices, can provide real-time communications and access to important resources and might make the difference between a smooth and steady clinical improvement and a return trip to the hospital.

So how costly are care transition lapses? According to this infographic by Emmi Solutions, they can lead to increased readmissions, clinical complications and provider frustration. "Healthcare organizations need effective and scalable ways of engaging and empowering patients to take active roles in their health post-discharge," the company says in a blog.

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